#MyBrainTunes Experiment

The music that your brain likes

What is the #MyBrainTunes experiment about?

#MYBRAINTUNES is about monitoring the human brainwaves that occur when someone listens to music, in order to predict how much they will like a particular song. We aim to build computational models that will help us explore and decode people’s music-listening brain states and decipher their preferred musical style.

Come and help our researchers from the Department of Computing of Imperial College London to literally "read your mind" and explore the reflections of your musical taste in your brainwaves.

We will record your brainwaves while you listen to some of the most successful songs in the Official #UK Singles Charts history of the last 40 years.

We will then send you a brain-connectivity graph that reflects what happens in your brain as you perceive your favourite music, which you can use for entertainment purposes and share through social media as a certificate of “knowing-thyself".

What exactly happens in our brain when we enjoy a song?

How certain can we be that we prefer a particular music genre?

Can we use wearable brain monitoring technologies to predict our favourite music?

#1 UK Chart Singles
Top-10 UK Chart Singles
'Million Seller' Songs

What will happen in the experiment?

Music is one of the most treasured human experiences. It is a universal language across different countries and cultures. We will try to explore your aesthetic experience while you listen to our selected songs. We anticipate that your participation in the experiment will be joyful, fun and not challenging in any way.

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